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Dr. Shannon Barnes, LPC

First Responder Counselor  -  Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor   

Shannon Barnes, PhD, is the owner of Tranquility Counseling Services, LLC.  Dr. Barnes earned a doctorate degree in counseling studies and practices under her professional counselor license. Dr. Barnes has extensive experience with working with individuals and couples regarding a variety of needs. Dr. Barnes specializes in marital distress, and trauma.  Dr. Barnes has completed  specialized training for the treatment of those serving in law enforcement and fire services as well as other first responder occupations.

Dr. Barnes has also developed the Individualized Balance Awareness (IBA) treatment method which has been published in peer reviewed journal. The IBA method has a strong foundation of case studies which indicate it is an effective treatment model for many needs.

Dr. Barnes is a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor. She offers supervision and consultation to other professionals as well as to her staff.

      Dr. Barnes also operates       Tranquility Fine Arts Gallery
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Nancy OConnor, LPC

Private Pay, BCBS/Anthem, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, UnitedBehaviorHealth

Nancy O’Connor, LPC, is a graduate of Georgia College where she earned both her bachelor’s and her master’s degrees.  She has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2001.  Nancy’s has extensive experience working with children, adolescents and their families which includes working with traumatized minors who are or were in foster care due to abuse/neglect issues.  She has been successful working with families who need professional guidance regarding negative life events and utilizes a variety of treatment methods that have been clinically shown to manage behaviors and increase life satisfaction.  Nancy specializes in working in the areas of depression, anxiety, adjustment to life changes and trauma and grief.

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Christy Turner, LAPC - Private Pay

Christy is an associate professional counselor who is under the direct supervision of Dr. Shannon Barnes. Christy brings a unique skill set to her treatment as well as applying strategies taken from the experience of her supervisor. Christy works with children, adolescents, and adults.  Learn more about Christy here.

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Dan Mulloy, LPC 

Private Pay - BCBS/Anthem, Humana, Aetna, United Behavior Health

I am an experienced, effective professional who helps people with a broad range of psychological needs. Grounded in the belief that people inherently possess the knowledge and ability needed to overcome most of life's challenges, I know that most need professional help to break through the emotional defenses that obscure their perspective.  Learn more about Dan here.


Keith Brewton  LMFT

Private Pay - Anthem - Humana - Aetna

I am a fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Atlanta native.  I am excited to join the Tranquility team and I look forward to growing in this profession.  I have a passion for working with couples, families, and individuals who have a variety of needs.  I have worked with a variety of clients in various different counseling practices throughout the Atlanta area. I have extensive experience serving as a clinical director of a substance abuse and mental health outpatient program focused on counseling Federal Inmates working towards achieving a successful transition back into society. I also have extensive experience counseling combat Veterans and their families suffering from the damaging effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and during their times of crisis. I love the work that I do and I’ve enjoyed helping many marriages and families.

My Approach
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